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Want to know what your business is really worth? Our Gold Coast and Coffs Harbour Business Valuation Specialists are here to help.

Every business owner should have a current business valuation report, not just those preparing to sell.

Indeed, owners with expansion plans, investment requirements, or reaching retirement will benefit from understanding the actual value of their business. After all, whether you are buying, reinvesting, or selling a business, value is everything. At Clout Advisory, our professionals have extensive business valuation experience across a broad range of industry sectors. Furthermore, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the appropriate knowledge regardless of what side of the negotiation table they are on.

Have more confidence by including due diligence

Our Business Valuation offering includes a thorough and complete due diligence analysis. Consequently, this enables potential buyers to know exactly what they are buying and approach the deal with confidence.

Other reasons to consider a business valuation include:

What Factors Can Affect the Value of a Business?

Increased Profitability

Clearly, profitable businesses have a higher value. Therefore, we will identify new ways to create efficiencies, reduce expenses and increase revenue.

Stable Cash Flow

Predictable cash flow attracts a higher business valuation. So, be sure to lock in revenue streams and develop contracts.

Improve Systems

How well your business operates without you will have a substantial impact on its value. Therefore, we develop and document systems and processes to ease handover.

Leverage Staff

Skilled, knowledgeable employees increase business value. Consequently, prioritise cultivating a high-quality workforce and create incentives for key staff.

Physical Assets

Physical assets, including office space and plant equipment, should be well maintained. Therefore, maximising the business valuation.

Intangible Assets

Lastly, there is enormous value in intangible assets for some businesses, such as intellectual property, trademarks, and customer databases. Therefore, you must protect and secure these assets to increase value.

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