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Do you require an accounting expert opinion or investigation into disputes, confrontational situations or litigation?

If so, our experience and expertise in Forensic Accounting will be invaluable to you. Clearly, business and commercial disputes can become complex. Consequently, solicitors, barristers and the Courts recognise the need to involve specialist Forensic Accountants early in the dispute process. In short, Forensic Accounting is input or interpretation from an accounting perspective. This can include anything from interpreting financial statements to analysing what actually transpired by analysing source documents. Importantly, Forensic Accounting can also help resolve disputes where the value of a business or an entity can’t be easily ascertained.

How can Forensic Accounting help my business?

This service is led by Morgan Chubb, who has more than 34 years of professional experience in this area. To assist, Morgan has accumulated a solid forensic team with advanced analytical skills. Rest assured, we have access to sophisticated resources to ensure you obtain the outcomes you are entitled to.
How can Forensic Accounting help my business?

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