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Clout Advisory are the leading specialists in Turnaround, Restructuring and Insolvency services with decades of experience and real-world know-how.

An empathetic approach to all the stakeholders involved

Make no mistake, Turnaround, Restructuring and Insolvency services are complex issues that require high levels of technical ability. However, we also offer an empathetic approach to all the stakeholders involved. Rest assured, we know that stress levels can be running high. We have the expertise to carefully manage and address competing stakeholder interests. Furthermore, we take command to quickly address the situation. We then utilise an array of appropriate options to maximise the overall benefit to all involved.

As leading advisors in insolvency, turnaround and restructuring, we know there is a myriad of reasons why businesses may fail. Using our intrinsic knowledge of what may cause a business to fail, we implement appropriate structures and frameworks to prevent possible insolvency in the future.

Turnaround and Restructure Solutions

Turnaround and restructuring assignments are similar but have some crucial differences. For instance, turnaround assignments address strategic issues affecting profits or profitability. Whereas restructures focus on cash flow shortages. Cash flow shortages can be caused by profitability issues being allowed to run on for too long. Other factors include ownership disputes, financing structure issues, or breaches. Whatever the problems, one thing is clear, the earlier you act, the better the outcome.

Four questions that drive these processes

What is the problem and how bad is it?

What caused it and can it be fixed?

Does the business have the resources, or can sufficient resources be sourced to cover the inevitable costs of the turnaround?

Is there enough time to take all the harsh measures and initiatives to turn the business around before resources run out?

Safe Harbour

Suppose there is a question as to the solvency of a company. In that case, Directors can seek formal protection known as Safe Harbour. This provides protection against actions for damages for breaching the Insolvent Trading provisions of the Corporations Act.


We Can Become Involved at Any Stage – Strategic, Profitability and Liquidity

We can run an active role in the process. Our involvement is particularly important if stakeholder trust has been lost. If stakeholder trust still remains, we can review the Restructuring Business plans and challenge them. This will either demonstrate the need for change or provide comfort.

The key to our success is our detailed understanding of different industries and professions. Furthermore, we have vast experience in implementing and managing change. Change is a crucial component of a successful Turnaround or Restructure.

Feel free to contact us regarding these issues. You can be assured of complete confidentiality, and an exploratory discussion is free of charge.

Insolvency Services

A highly skilled team of registered Liquidators

Our insolvency service offers an experienced and highly skilled team of registered liquidators in Coffs Harbour and Gold Coast. We act for business owners, company directors, banks, creditors, legal advisors, investors and regulators. Moreover, we have extensive insolvency experience in industries such as energy, retail, property and construction, manufacturing, logistics, agricultural sector, tourism, hospitality and registered clubs.

At Clout Advisory, we listen to all stakeholders to understand their objectives. We then implement a strategy that maximises their returns. As a result, we aim to protect creditors’ interests, minimise losses, manage all claims and, if appropriate, pursue recoveries.

Formal Insolvency Appointments we undertake under the Corporations Act and the Bankruptcy Act

Insolvency Services for Companies:

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