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As experienced business consultants in Coffs Harbour and Gold Coast, we are ideally located to provide a full range of consulting services to businesses in Northern New South Wales and South-East Queensland. Our experienced business consulting team undertake specific projects using a range of well-honed tools to enhance business performance. These projects include guiding business owners through a curated process to establish a clear road map or comprehensive Business Plan. In addition to this, we assist in the production of Forecasts and Budgets together with the creation of Cashflow Forecasts and Cashflow Management. Furthermore, our Financial Analysis skills are tailored to assignments such as consideration of potential takeover targets and assessing the desirability of obtaining appropriate funding. Finally, as leading business consultants in Coffs Harbour and Gold Coast, we offer robust advice concerning Acquisitions, Succession and Exit Strategies.

Business Coaching to Build Business Acumen

Business Coaching begins by talking. We’ll take the time to find out what it is you need.  We’ll help you establish clear objectives and work with you to formulate the steps necessary to achieve them. Moreover, we’ll demonstrate the pitfalls and common errors that may occur as you build your business. As such, we aim to pass on our vast experience of dealing with and often rescuing business’s where things have gone wrong. Ultimately, having passion and a great idea are valuable attributes, but your plans may be at risk without the knowledge to apply realistic strategies. Talking to our business consultants in Coffs Harbour or Gold Coast may be the wisest tactical move you’ll make.


Business Plans – Plan for Success with a Credible Business Plan

Our Business Plans are not just a document for seeking finance and or investors. We follow a proven methodical process that generates questions, answers and drives inquiry. As a result, we establish how to move your business forward and get to where you want to go. Make no mistake, for all entrepreneurs, it is the process that drives business growth. Therefore, it is the steps and procedures that produce the final document that are critical. At Clout Advisory, we have access to all kinds of businesses and business models. Consequently, our vast experience creating high-quality Business Plans means we know the right questions to ask, and we are comfortable asking the difficult ones. In short, we know what financiers want to see.

Forecasting and Budgeting to Stay on Track

Forecasting and Budgeting are derived from historical performance, business modelling, seasonality, business cycles, and future plans. It can be complex, but realism is essential. Otherwise, its uses are limited. Furthermore, Forecasting and Budgeting are also a tool for control, for comparing actual performance compared to plans. This is where their utility as a Management Tool comes to the fore. In short, this is an extremely valuable business tool.

Cash Flow Management – Cash is King?

It is without a doubt the best well-worn cliché in business that Cash is King. However, many profitable businesses have failed due to not taking into account cash-flow considerations. Therefore, ignore this at your peril. Also, many ask, is this not the same as Forecasting and Budgeting? Well, not really. Forecasting and Budgeting do not consider the timing of cash receipts and payments and usually focus on profit and trading performance. Thus, often ignoring the fact that many financing commitments are not contained in the analysis.

Similarly, forecasting does not look at the actual processes that ensure cash requirements are always covered. This involves such issues as the basis for providing credit, the minimisation of reliance on major customers, and the analysis of the business model in terms of supply chain obligations versus customer payment patterns. Also, ensuring the analysis of financing requirements and providing recommendations to the most appropriate product. Essentially, we offer models that enable your ongoing monitoring and a valuable tool to analyse the potential result of any changes in your situation.

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators

A KPI or Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that establishes how effectively your business achieves critical business objectives. Most organisations, including SME’s, use KPIs at several levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets. For instance, high-level KPIs may focus on the overall performance of the business. Low-level KPIs may focus on processes in different departments. These may be sales, marketing, HR, support and others. Also, KPI’s enable sensible comparisons to your competitors and facilitate informed management decisions to maximise your efficiency and compete with your peers.


Financial Analysis – Sophisticated Tools to Leverage Profitability

Our focus is on the practical Financial Analysis of SMEs. Therefore, we have tailored our range of sophisticated tools to benefit you, the SME owner. Here’s a few examples of the tools we use.

Return on Investment (ROI)
For ROI, we consider the funds invested and the time invested by the owner. After all, isn’t time the most valuable of commodities in this life?

Equity versus Debt
When considering involvement with funding growth of ventures, many considerations come into play.  These include differing industries, differing times in the economic cycles, cash flow and control considerations.

Growth Strategies
The impact of strategies on value, not just growth. Plus, how that relates to ROI and the owner’s time input. In addition, we provide a detailed analysis for the funding of development through acquisition versus organic.

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